The purpose of this website is to collect together reference information for dealing with air pollution issues in Australia. A main concern is fine particle (PM2.5) pollution, which is now recognised as the common pollutant causing most damage to health.

Unfortunately smoke from woodheaters is still the major source in winter of PM2.5 in many residential areas in Australia, and hence is one of the main issues dealt with in the website and in more detail on a related website.  Other sources include burning fossil fuels in industry, energy production and diesel vehicles.

The website also includes some information on energy efficiency, clean energy, solar energy, and greenhouse gases and climate change.

The video below is a good description of the effects of fine particulate pollution by one of the world's leading experts and original researchers in the field - C. Arden Pope III. It's quite a long presentation (about one hour) made in 2007, but worth watching.

Air Pollution and Health

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Lung cancer in women on rise, while male rates decline 4 November 2011  A report released yesterday by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and Cancer Australia  revealed that the rate of new lung cancer diagnoses rose by 72 per cent for women but fell by 32 per cent for men between 1982 and 2007. Smoking is the leading case of lung cancer in Australia, but about 10 per cent of men and 30-35 per cent of women who get lung cancer are non-smokers.

'Show us your lungs'
6 October 2011 Australian Lung Foundation's campaign to draw the nation's attention to their lungs and to encourage people to protect their lung health and to see their GP if they have concerns about their lung health.

NEPC review of air quality standards released
17 Sept 2011
The review into Australia's air quality standards, last updated in 2003, found that for the pollutants monitored, there was no safe level of exposure. "Current standards are not meeting the requirement for adequate protection of human health." Review report.

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project 15 Sept 2011
24 hours of presentations from around the world about how climate change is affecting us now. Watch the Canberra speaker tonight at 7pm.

Woodsmoke likely contribution to poor air quality in Muswellbrook
5 September 2011
A series of increases in fine particulate matter pollution readings at Muswellbrook has reignited concerns about Upper Hunter air quality. ‘‘If woodsmoke is contributing to dust problems it means the government has a major problem that needs to be addressed,’’

School risk study flawed, gas heater experts say 5 September 2011
A group of leading scientists, pollution experts and the Asthma Foundation of NSW have written to the Premier to alert him to flaws in a risk assessment of unflued gas heaters in schools.It calls on the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, to remove all 51,000 unflued gas heaters still in schools as a matter of urgency.

Home renovations leave deadly legacy of asbestos-related disease, study finds  4 September 2011
Researchers in Western Australia have found exposure to toxic asbestos materials during home renovations is now the main cause of malignant mesothelioma in women.

Further action wanted on Hunter air quality 2 August 2011
Upper Hunter residents are calling for more action to improve air quality following another health alert for particulate matter concentrations on the weekend.

PM Health Effects from Wood Smoke 28 July 2011 Webinar presented by Dr. C Arden Pope III - slides and audio recording avaliable.

Exhaust-ing ride for cyclists: Air pollutants trigger heart risk 6 July 2011
In big cities around the world, cyclists breathe an array of pollutants from exhaust-spewing cars. A new study has now found a link between cycling on high traffic roads and heart risks.

New vehicle emission rules announced
14 June 2011
The Federal Government has announced that all new cars, utilities and four-wheel-drives sold in Australia will have to conform with tough new air pollution rules.

Chemical in woodsmoke a threat to health 17 May 2011
A hidden danger in wood and tobacco smoke could be contributing to health problems such as cataracts, arthritis and heart disease, scientists have revealed.

Air Pollution Exposure Affects Chances of Developing Premenopausal Breast Cancer 20 April 2011
Exposure to air pollution early in life and when a woman gives birth to her first child may alter her DNA and may be associated with premenopausal breast cancer later in life, researchers at the University at Buffalo have shown.

Last winter for open fires in Otago N.Z.
12 April 2011
New woodburner standards will come into effect in Otago region in New Zealand from 1 Jan 2012 to help reduce air pollution in the local communities.

Beware the air! Why particulate matter matters 18 March 2011
Latest research into how inhaled PM2.5 exposure stimulates vascular inflammation and injury, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Smoke from wood fireplaces, stoves raises new health concerns 14 March 2011
Recent research raises new concerns over the toxic substances borne aloft in wood smoke. Scientists say the tiny airborne specks of pollution carry carcinogenic chemicals deep into lungs and trigger DNA damage and gene changes comparable to the hazards of cigarette smoke and car exhaust.

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