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Huge solar power plants are blooming in California's southern deserts 27 October 2011 California's solar Gold Rush is under way, fueled by billions of dollars of federal stimulus funding and a new state law that requires utilities to buy a third of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. However the developments of the large solar thermal plants is not without some concern for the desert environment.

Renewables could be UK's major power source by 2030
25 October 2011 The UK could be primarily powered by a secure and inexhaustible supply of renewable energy by 2030 without the need for new nuclear power plants, according to a report commissioned by WWF.

Beyond Green: A Net-Zero College Community 21 October 2011
Designing buildings that leave a lighter imprint on the environment has become the de facto standard these days. The target for many is zero net energy use, meaning that a building makes as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Noteworthy net-zero-energy homes, commercial buildings and government structures are regularly built. But none have matched the scale of West Village, a net-zero community at the University of California, Davis, that its developers describe as the largest project of its kind in the country.

Wind farm at sunset
Ireland on clean-tech high as it sets new wind power record
20 October 2011 Ireland hit a new wind-energy record on Thursday, 6 October at 2.30pm, when the power generated from wind reached 1,341 megawatts (MW) – enough power to supply 870,000 homes. Wind generation provided 39pc of the electricity being used in the Republic of Ireland at the time of the record.

Wind power puts region in renewable energy box seat
17 October 2011 Natural advantages are making New England a significant part of the push to source 20 per cent of Australia’s energy from renewables by 2020.
Paul Cruickshank, one of the speakers at a low-carbon economy seminar held in Armidale said that although this region has the potential for large scale solar, our real advantage lies in wind power.

Wind turbines plan for shopping centre 11 October 2011
Waratah Village shopping centre plans to install 13-metre-high wind turbines in its car park, an application lodged with Newcastle City Council shows. The application, on public exhibition, shows plans for three ‘‘small scale’’ wind turbines. The Skystream 3.7 generators are marketed as a compact turbine for homes and businesses.

Spain's round-the-clock solar plant
2 October 2011 Video of solar plant in southern Spain which can produce electricity at all hours, even when the sun goes down.

South Australia to get $1.3bn wind farm 31 August 2011
Suzlon Energy Australia plans to invest $1.3 billion building one of the world's largest wind energy projects in South Australia. Premier Mike Rann says the group wants to build up to 180 turbines on the Yorke Peninsula, 20km south-west of Ardrossan.

Smart solar district heating developing in Denmark 29 June 2011
Two very large solar district heating systems are underway in Denmark (Dronninglund and Marstal). Each system is combining approx. 35 000 m² (25 MW) of solar collector field, approx. 70 000 m³ of seasonal storage (water pit), heat pump and combined heat & power production unit. Combining the technologies makes high solar fractions attractive also from a cost benefit point of view. The solar fraction in these systems will be 30 - 50 %.

Is Burning Wood For Heat Really Green? 6 June 2011 Are wood stoves green enough to merit subsidies and tax credits like solar panels and other renewable energy technologies? Even the cleanest stoves are still dirty, reports  Lloyd Alter on Treehugger. Even an EPA certified low emission stove puts out enough fine particle pollution in 2-1/2 days as a car does in a year. That's why they have been banned in Montreal and a lot of other cities. They are not suitable for urban areas, period.

Renewable energy can power the world - IPPC
9 May 2011

Renewable energy, in particular solar energy, could account for almost 80% of the world's energy supply within four decades - but only if governments pursue the policies needed to promote green power, according to a landmark report published by the IPCC on Monday.

Amory Lovins - Reinventing Fire, Berkeley Lab Distinguished Lecture Series.
(YouTube video)  5 May 2011 A prosperous, secure, and climate-stable world must shift from fossil fuels to efficient use and benign supply. In short, defossilizing fuels can be led by business for profit, with net-present-valued private internal benefits in the trillions of dollars.

Hepburn Wind Farm erected 13 April 2011
Both turbines have now been erected at Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy project at Leonards Hill, 10 km south of Daylesford, Victoria.

Full cost accounting for the life cycle of coal
17 February 2011
Each stage in the life cycle of coal—extraction, transport, processing, and combustion—generates a waste stream and carries multiple hazards for health and the environment. Accounting for the damages conservatively doubles to triples the price of electricity from coal per kWh generated, making wind, solar, and other forms of nonfossil fuel power generation, along with investments in efficiency and electricity conservation methods, economically competitive

NREL Solar Technology Will Warm Air at 'Home' 30 July 2010
  Transpired solar air collector technology, developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the 1990s, recently "found its way home" and is now an integral part of the comfort heating system of the new Research Support Facility (RSF).  By using a dark-colored, perforated metal plate on the south side of a building, three NREL scientists have perfected a way for buildings to pre-heat the air coming in, reducing the need for additional heating energy. "The solar collector is really important to the building." Philip Macey, RSF project manager for Haselden Construction, said. "It's the way we get free pre-heated warmed air."