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Cycling to Work Could Save 1,100 Midwesterners (U.S.A.) 2 November 2011 New research from U. Wisconsin projects the benefits of active transport in terms of improvements in air quality and physical fitness. Replacing short car trips with active transport could yield major cost savings and health benefits.

Filmmaker launches video campaign to axe mandatory cyclist helmet law 1 November 2011
A Brisbane filmmaker has  produced a one-minute advertisement which he hopes to broadcast on television, highlighting what he says is the "insanity" of compulsory bicycle helmets. He said mandatory helmet laws, introduced in the early 1990s, were responsible for stopping utility-style riding such as jumping on a bike to go to the shops to get a loaf of bread. The compulsory helmet law has also been blamed for the poor uptake of the CityCycle scheme in Brisbane. Bicycle Helmet Research report (CARRS-Q).

Queensland prepares for electric car revolution 27 October 2011
The Queensland Government will establish a network of 20 recharge points for electric cars. They will be located across the south east and will be available from next year - starting in government buildings. Related: Call for more electric car charging stations in Sydney. Also: Transport future is electric.

Solar Charged Mopeds 22 October 2011 Tajimi Citi in Gifu Prefecture in Japan has launched an initiative to spread awareness of electric vehicles among its populace. The 8 mopeds for rent in front of Kokokei Station are not only zero emission, but are also charged at stations powered by solar panels. The program isn’t limited to just one spot, though. Electric-assist bicycles are available at other JR train stations located throughout the city.

Hybrids: Quiet threat to pedestrians 11 October 2011 Do noisy engines help keep walkers and bicyclists safer? Automakers are trying to decide what kind of sound hybrid and electric cars should make.

Injuries from Newcastle's cycling death-traps 21 September 2011 Bike lanes across Newcastle and the Hunter wedged between parking spaces and the road have been described as death traps that do not comply with national guidelines, and are being blamed for an increase in cycling injuries.

David Suzuki: Building bike lanes pays dividends 9 August 2011 We should be doing everything we can to discourage single-occupant automobile use while encouraging public transit and pedestrian and pedal-powered movement.

City cycle schemes save lives 5 August 2011
London cyclist
Public bicycle sharing schemes such as Barcelona's "Bicing" programme or London's "Boris Bikes" save lives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a study on Friday. Researchers at the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona found in the study, however, that around 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution are averted and some 12 lives saved each year by Barcelona's scheme, which was introduced in March 2007.

Electric Bikes at UNE 29 October 2010 The University of New England unveiled new electric bikes that will be available to students in 2011. UNE have purchased 20 bicycles to be utilised as a free transport fleet for students and in and around the huge UNE campus. Electric Bike Co newsletter. See also Cycling in Armidale - e-bikes.